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Benefits of MMA Flooring Systems

Innovative Flooring Technology

In the last century, great strides were made in the evolution of seamless flooring systems. Some of the more popular systems developed were epoxy, polyester, urethane, and a variety of hybrid systems. Each different technology was developed to provide unique chemical resistance and wear characteristics, and each performed adequately in its intended environment. Unfortunately, each had limitations when applied universally. Common shortcomings can include rigidity, dermal toxicity, extraordinarily long cure times, poor UV stability, and undesirable wear characteristics.

For the 21st century, acrylic flooring has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of all previous systems. Acrylic flooring is based on methyl methacrylate (MMA). The chemical structure of MMA allows for a variety of performance properties to be incorporated. This makes acrylic flooring an extremely versatile product and the superior choice for any flooring project.

Common Applications of MMA Flooring Systems

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