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Test Media
Our System
Test Media
Our System
Acids Miscellaneous
Acetic Acid, 10% Excellent Crude Oil Excellent
Acetic Acid, 30% Excellent Diesel Fuel Excellent
Chromic Acid, 30% Excellent Ethanol, 30% Excellent
Chromic Acid, 40% Excellent Ethyl Acetate Non-Resistant
Citric Acid, 30% Excellent Fruit Juices Excellent
Formic Acid, 10% Excellent Gasoline Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid, Conc. Excellent Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% Excellent
Lactic Acid, 30% Excellent Hydrogen Peroxide, 35% Excellent
Nitric Acid, 10% Excellent Isopropyl Alcohol Good
Nitric Acid, 30% Good Kerosene Excellent
Phosphoric Acid, 40% Excellent Linseed Oil Excellent
Sulphuric Acid, 30% Excellent Methyl Ethyl Ketone Non-Resistant
Sulphuric Acid, 50% Excellent Mineral Oil Excellent
Olive Oil Excellent
Alkalines Parrafin Oil Excellent
Ammonia, 10% Excellent Petroleum Excellent
Caustic Soda, 50% Excellent Potassium Chloride Excellent
Potassium Hydroxide, 50% Excellent n-Propyl Alcohol Good
Sodium Hypochlorite Excellent Salt Water Excellent
Sodium Carbonate Excellent
Miscellaneous Sodium Sulphate Excellent
Acetone Non-Resistant Styrene Excellent
Ammonium Chlorite Excellent Turpentine Excellent
Animal Fats Excellent Toluene Good
Antifreeze Excellent Trichloroethylene Non-Resistant
Benzene Good Vegetable Juice Excellent
Butyl Acetate Non-Resistant White Spirits Excellent
Calcium Chloride Excellent Wine Excellent
Carbon Tetrachloride Good Xylene Good
Castor Oil Excellent
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