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Fluid Floors, Inc. Announces the Company’s Relocation to a Brand New Facility in Cartersville, Georgia

September 2012 - Fluid Floors, Inc. Builds New Warehouse
Cartersville, GA | March 2010 –Fluid Floors, Inc. recently announced the relocation of their entire operation to a brand new facility in Cartersville, Georgia, approximately 1 mile from their former headquarters. The newly acquired facility gives the company a much needed boost in square footage of office space, 4,800 square feet of warehouse space, and an additional 2.5 acres of property for future site developments.

“The operations have finished transitioning to the new location, and we will begin construction of the warehouse space in early spring,” stated Lowell Johnson, Vice President of Construction. “Having the additional space will enable us to be more proactive in managing production schedules as well as enhance our equipment management and inventory processes,” Johnson continued. Customers will also benefit from the new location, which is strategically located for easily traveling anywhere within the southeast and beyond.

“I am very excited to report that Fluid Floors is growing, and with the additional staff that we have added, the new space will provide a more flexible and modern approach to managing the business,” stated Todd Paul, Vice President of Operations. “The City of Cartersville has been very good to us over the past few years, and we are thrilled to continuing being part of the community for years to come.”

The new location will continue to enable the company to enhance their relationships with contractors, and their premier manufactures of the industrial flooring materials they use to provide Fluid Floors customers with the most attractive and reliable flooring solutions in the industry.


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